Top 10 Oscar Winning Web Series on Netflix | Netflix Official List

10 Oscar winning web series available in Hindi NETFLIX

This post “Top 10 Oscar Winning Web Series on Netflix” showcases a diverse collection of gripping narratives that captivate viewers with their intriguing plots and engaging characters. The series delves into various genres, including drama, fantasy, and mystery, offering a blend of magic, real-life stories, and intense drama that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

The Railway Men

A tale of the unsung heroes, whose sacrifice and resilience saved thousands of lives, on a night that changed Bhopal forever. #TheRailwayMen – a four episode series inspired by true stories arrives 18 November, only on Netflix!

It focuses on the lives of railway workers who risk their lives to help others. 

  • This web series focused on railway workers who risked their lives to help people during a crisis in Bhopal.
  • Recommends the series as a must-watch for every Indian, praising the exceptional acting.

Alice in Borderland

The main character, Arish, finds himself thrust into a world where survival depends on playing a game in Tokyo. As the story unfolds, Arish’s character development and the high-stakes nature of the game create a thrilling narrative filled with excitement and suspense.

  • Compares this series to the popular ‘Squid Game’, highlighting its engaging nature and high stakes.
  • Describes the plot involving a character named Arisu who must survive by playing games in Tokyo.
  • Emphasizes the character development and excitement throughout the series.


“Manifest” presents a thought-provoking tale of passengers aboard a plane that disappears for 55 years, only to return with the passengers believing they were gone for mere hours. The series delves into the emotional repercussions and challenges faced by the characters as they navigate this mysterious phenomenon.

  • We suggests ‘Manifest’ for viewers who enjoy thought-provoking series, discussing its mysterious plot involving a disappearing plane.
  • Details the storyline where passengers return after five and a half years, but only a few hours have passed for them


  • We recommends ‘Lupin’, a series about a gentleman thief inspired by a book of stories.
  • Highlights the series’ ability to hook viewers from the first episode and praises its clever storytelling.

Trial by Fire

  • Describes ‘Trial by Fire’ as an emotional series based on a real incident in India involving a tragic theater fire.
  • We encourages viewers to watch the series for its inspirational story.

The Essence

  • Talks about ‘The Essence’, a superhero-type series with elements of air, water, and fire.
  • Focuses on the main character Kai, who is given monkey powers to restore balance and fight against gangsters.

The King: Eternal Monarch

  • ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’, a series involving a magical flute that allows travel between dimensions.
  • Describes the main character’s journey to an alternate dimension and the ensuing romance and adventure.

The Witcher: Blood Origin

  • Introduces ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’, a prequel to ‘The Witcher’ series set 1200 years prior.
  • Explains the plot involving the creation of the first Witcher and the battle against a new empire.


  • We warns viewers about the dark and intense nature of ‘Dahmer’, a series based on the true story of a notorious serial killer.
  • Advises that the series is not for everyone due to its graphic content.

Gang Shong Creature

  • Describes ‘Gang Shong Creature’, a series about experiments to create a creature and the resulting mysteries and dangers.
  • Recommends the series to fans of creature features and South Korean dramas.

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