Kung Fu Panda 4 Movie Explained

In this post we will discuss the storyline of “Kung Fu Panda 4”, introducing a new female villain named Chameleon. It also highlights the peaceful nature of the “Valley of Peace” due to Po’s presence, but now Po must choose a new Dragon Warrior. Master Shifu guides Po towards spiritual growth, causing him to question his path.


• “Kung Fu Panda 4” introduces a new female villain named Chameleon.

• Po’s presence brings peace to the Valley of Peace, but he must now choose a new Dragon Warrior.

• Master Shifu guides Po towards spiritual growth, leading him to question his role as the Dragon Warrior.

Some FAQ about Kung Fu Panda 4

Q: What is the focus of the post content?

A: This post discusses the release and storyline of Kung Fu Panda 4, highlighting the introduction of a new female villain named Chameleon and the intriguing plot of the movie.

Q: Who is the main villain introduced in Kung Fu Panda 4?

A: The main villain introduced in Kung Fu Panda 4 is Chameleon, portrayed as a powerful female antagonist, adding a new dimension to the franchise.

Q: What role does Po play in Shanty Valley, as depicted in the post?

A: Po serves as the Dragon Warrior of Shanty Valley, bringing peace and happiness to the residents. His presence is cherished, and he is deeply loved by everyone in the valley.

Q: How does Master Shifu’s decision impact Po in the movie?

A: Master Shifu informs Po that his time as the Dragon Warrior is over, and a new warrior must be chosen. This decision leaves Po uncertain about his future and prompts him to contemplate spiritual growth and meditation, reminiscent of Master Shifu’s teachings.

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Story Explaination

So friends, we are going to talk about Kung Fu Panda 4, which is released recently. Kung Fu Panda 4 movie is the 4th movie of Kung Fu Panda franchise and in this movie we can see a completely new villain who is basically a female villain and his name is Chameleon and if we talk about the story of this movie then it is also very amazing. So in today’s post, we are going to explain the whole story of Kung Fu Panda 4 movie and tell you the story of it in detail.

So guys now enjoy the story of this movie and this movie at home. So without any delay, let’s start the Story of today’s post So as soon as the movie starts, we see a lohek’s treasure In which lohek’s treasure is working in many caves And he is taking out the loha from it but when all of them are working here, then there suddenly come Tai Lung. That means the same Tai Lung which was the main villain of Kung Fu Panda 1 movie.

They get scared seeing Tai Lung in front of them. But Tai Lung tells them that he is returned and he have become more powerful and that’s why the Dragon Warrior won’t be able to stop him this time and he  want all the people to spread this message everywhere and tell them in Shanti Khati that Tai Lung has returned. After this, the scene shifts and we see the next scene of Shanti Ghati.

In Peace Valley, we see Po The Panda, who is the Dragon Warrior of Shanti Ghati. Here we see that because of Po everyone is very peaceful and happy. All the people of this valley love Po and at this time, in the valley, Poh is welcoming everyone and inviting everyone to his place.

And we also know that both Po’s parents are living together at this time. But after this, Master Shifu comes to meet Po. And he tells Po that he wants to talk to him. To talk to Po, Master Shifu takes him to the Jade palace.

After bringing him to the Jade palace, Master Shifu tells Po that he knows that Po is a peaceful dragon warrior, but now it’s time for him to become a Spiritual Teacher. And that’s why you have to choose someone else as a Dragon Warrior, who will become a Dragon Warrior instead of old Warrior. And if you want to become a Dragon Warrior, you have to get up from the Dragon Warrior and meditate on it. That means you have to be like master Oogway but after listening to this, he gets scared and he tells master Shifu that he still wants to be a dragon warrior but Master Shifu explains to him that he will have to move ahead Because Master Oogway also wanted the same

End For this, he gave his stick to Po, i.e, this green colored stick which Po got in Kunfu Panda 3, after listening to Master Shifu, Po agrees and then for this reason Master Shifu holds an event to select a new Dragon Warrior and it is exactly the same event that we all saw in Kunfu Panda 1. In this event, many warriors participate and all of them have their own. Here we also know that at this time the Furious Five are outside Shanti Valley and they all have gone to complete their respective missions, due to which they are not able to be a part of this event. Within this entire event, there are five most capable warriors and Master Shifu tells Po that now he has to choose one of those five as the Dragon Warrior after which he will carry forward his legacy but here Po

He doesn’t choose any of them and he chooses himself and he tells everyone that I am the Dragon Warrior and I would like to remain a Dragon Warrior in future also but further Master Shifu explains to Po again and then that is why this Bar Po agrees and he starts meditating on the advice of Master Shifu but at the time when he is meditating, he sees that someone is secretly entering inside his palace and hence he follows her inside. And when he reaches inside, he sees that she is a fox who has come there to steal something and for this Po stops her and catches her and because she came there to steal, for this Poh capture her in captivity

But when the fox is being captured and taken away, at the same time a sheep comes to Po and this is the same sheep who has seen Tai Lung, that sheep tells Po that Tai Lung Has come back and he has said that this time no one will be able to stop him and he will destroy everything. Hearing this, Poh also gets scared and he starts thinking that how can Tai Lung come back after all but this is where we Let’s see that Fox also hears this and that is why she tells Poh that you should follow the footprints, maybe you can get some information from them, after this Fox is taken and thrown straight into jail but in poh’s mind

He is talking about the same thing about the feet and that is why Poe goes straight to the same iron mine where Tai Lung was seen and as soon as he goes there, Po sees Tai Lung’s footprints and when there, Poh finds Tai Lung’s feet. When he chases the footprints, he sees that his footprints have changed over time and those footprints have become much smaller. Seeing this, Po does not understand anything but he understands that it is true or not. She knows something or the other about the fox tile, for this Po comes straight to the prison of Shanti Valley and directly meets that fox. After coming here we come to know that the name of that fox is Jane and she is also basically a thief.

He asks Jane what she knows, on which she tells Fox i.e. Jane,  Poh that in reality the one who looks like Tai Lung is not a Tai Lung but Chameleon, but that Chameleon is very powerful and she can take the form of anyone. She can take over and become as powerful as him and that is why now her plan is that she will destroy everything and then she will rule over the entire place, even over Shanti Valley and that Chameleon is very brutal for this. Fox also tells Poh that she knows where Chameleon lives and how to reach her, so after knowing about Chameleon, he understands that he has to do something to stop that Chameleon. 

For this he asks Fox to take her to Chameleon, but Fox tells her that what would be the point in doing so, she is currently in jail and so even if she helps Po, she will still be in jail. Hearing this, Po makes a deal with her and Po tells her that if she helps him get to Chameleon, then after defeating Chameleon, he will get her punishment greatly reduced, only after this Fox also agrees to this deal but just then Master Shifu comes there. Master Shifu has heard everything and that is why he refuses Po and he tells Po that he does not need to go anywhere but Po does not listen to Master Shifu and he released Jane from jail.

Here we see that Po has also brought with him his green wand, that is, the same wand that was given to him by Master Oogway. Due to being together on the way, Po and Jane both talk to each other a lot and they also joke with each other and that is why we see that they both become very good friends of each other and Po also completely trusts Jane. It is only after this that she tells her story to Poh and she tells Po that when she was young she was alone and that is why neither she had any companion nor did she have any support but at that time No one supported him on time.

At that time, she was brought up by some thieves and the same thieves raised her and taught her all the thefts and that is why today she has become an expert thief by learning from them. Along with this, Fox also tells her that all her the thief’s accomplice or rather all his thief family lives in the same city in which Chameleon lives but they all live in the underground of that city, only after this she reaches Chameleon’s city with Fox  i.e. Jane. It is there that she first takes him underground and introduces him to her family and friends, that is, all those who were thieves, but here we see that all of them are very normal in appearance.

But in reality they are much more dangerous and all of them are thieves like Jane. Here, after introducing Po to everyone, she takes Poh straight to Chameleon’s palace and because she is not in the palace from the front. That’s why they enter the palace secretly from behind. They somehow enter inside the palace, but as soon as they enter, we see that there are many crocodile soldiers in front of them. Which are basically Chameleon’s soldiers but at this time all of them are sleeping and that is why Jane and Poh secretly start leaving from there, but then due to one action of Po, everyone wakes up and starts chasing Poh and Jane but both of them escape from them and enter the inner part of the palace but here also they come across many traps but together they both cross all those traps and then both of them reach the main area of ​​the palace but as soon as they reach here we see that Jane stops behind and Panda starts walking ahead but as soon as Po moves a little further. As he walks, a large iron cage falls on him and Poh gets trapped inside it. Seeing this, Jane helps Po and tries to lift the cage so that Po can get out.

But we see that the cage is very heavy, that is why it does not get up from Jane. Seeing this, Po gives him his stick and he tells him to try with it, but just like that, the stick comes in Jane’s hands. We see that after that instead of taking Po out of there, she turns back and starts moving backwards away from Po and when she reaches back a little then only Chameleon enters here. As soon as she comes, she places Po’s stick in his hands. Seeing this, Po understands everything and he understands that in reality Jane was Chameleon’s side, that is, she has betrayed Po till now, only after this Chameleon comes in front of Po

And she laughs at Po and says to him that how did you believe that this fox will become your friend, it is actually mine, I am its master and I have nurtured it since childhood and that is why it is only under my orders. She agrees and tells Po that when this fox was very small, it was completely alone but when I met it, I saw that it is small but it has a lot of courage and there is no emotion in it and for this I nurtured it and prepared it for myself and that is why today it is useful to me, but the day it stops being useful to me, that day I will throw it out.

It is here that we see that this Fox is also listening to all the things and hence she understands that till now her master Chameleon has only used her and that is why whatever she has done has been wrong but here Po is the one who is listening to all the things of Jane. He asks Chameleon why she is doing all this and what is her purpose with this stick. After hearing this, Chameleon tells Po that in reality she too is exactly like him because she too was the first she did not know Kangfu but she wanted to learn Kangfu but all the masters she went to to learn Kangfu turned her away saying that she was very small and weak and that is why she could not learn Kangfu but all this listening to him very much

She got angry and for this she learned magic and that is why today after learning magic she has become so capable that she can transform into anyone’s form but then further Chameleon tells Po that she can definitely transform into anyone’s form. But even then Kung Fu is a different thing and because she does not know Kung Fu that is why she can transform into anyone but cannot be as powerful as him and for this she needed Po’s green wand because the green wand given to him by Master Oogway is not an ordinary wand, but it is such a powerful wand that if Po combines it with his powers, then Po can open the way to the world of spirits.

Chameleon told to Po that she also has the same plan to open the way to the world of spirits and call out all the masters there and take away their powers, after which she will become the most powerful. Po gets very angry after hearing all these things of Chameleon and that is why He tries to break his cage but none of Po’s attacks can break his cage. Seeing this, Chameleon tells him that she has made this cage with her magic due to which it will not break due to his attacks but after hearing this Po decides that he will not break the cage but the wall below him and then to do this Po breaks the wall below him and then Po falls straight down but as Po falls further inside.

Similarly, he sees that there are many soldiers of Chameleon who attack him at once and hence Po has to fight with everyone but Po somehow fights with them all and gets out of there. And he imprisons them all there. As soon as Po comes to the outer part of the palace, we see that Fox comes to Po and she also has Po’s stick in her hands. Fox says to Poh that Hearing this, he made a mistake and should not have given his wand to Chameleon, Poh starts to take his wand from Fox’s hands, but in the meantime we see that the real Fox comes from behind him and she tells Po that not that other fox rather it is Chameleon and Po must quickly get away from her but before Po can do anything we see that Chameleon, who had become a fox, quickly returns to her form and she touches Po. And as soon as she touches Po, light shines in her hand and her eyes also start glowing and in this way she acquires the powers of Po’s Dragon Warrior because these powers are combined in the wand. After Po could open the door to the world of spirits, only after gaining this power, Chameleon lifts Po straight and throws him down and because her palace is at a very high altitude, Po falls straight from there.

He starts falling down and only after this Chameleon comes back inside her palace. Here, as soon as Po is falling down, we see that someone has caught him and there is no one else to catch him. No, instead both of his dads are there, Po gets interested after seeing them there and he asks them how they came here, to which they both tell Po that they both were worried about Poh, that is why they both followed him. And they come here, after this Poh tells everything to his two dads and he also tells them how Chameleon has snatched his wand but both his dads tell him that fighting with her is too much.

It is dangerous so Po should go back with them but Po decides that he will stop Chameleon and fix the mistake he has done and for this Po starts coming back up to the palace to stop her. Inside we see that now Chameleon also had Po’s wand and the powers of Po’s Dragon Dragon Warrior, that is, the same part of the powers of the Dragon Warrior which when combined with the wand, could open the door to the world of spirits. For this, Chameleon does the same and she opens the door to the world of spirits with the help of the stick and then she calls the Tai Lung out of the world of spirits. As soon as the Tai Lung comes out, it is like Chameleon.

He sees Poh’s stick in his hands and hence after seeing that stick, he asks Chameleon how this Po’s stick came into his hands, to which Chameleon tells him that she took this stick from Po, but on hearing this, Tai Lung tells him that he knows that Poh is a number one idiot but he definitely knows that Po is not so stupid that he will give the stick given by Master Oogway to someone else so easily but after hearing this, Chameleon answers him. She tells that Po did not give it to her but she has snatched it from Po and that is why she will snatch the powers of all the Masters along with Tai Lung here. Hearing this, Tai Lung attacks his men and he kills everyone in one blow. Starts lying down but so in this we see that Chameleon uses the stick on Tai Lung and absorbs all his powers inside her, after which Tai Lung becomes very weak, for which Chameleon imprisons Tai Lung in a cage and corners him. And now she herself had become as powerful as Tai Lung, but Chameleon does not stop here and she starts taking out all the other masters one by one from the world of spirits like Master Crocodile, Master Ox, along with Master Elephant, Master Rhino and other Masters, she also takes out Lord Shen and General Kai and after snatching their powers, she imprisons them both in cages and

Then in this way, Chameleon acquires the powers of all the masters living in the world of spirits and weakens them all and imprisons them in a cage near her. On the other hand, we see that Po has now come close to Chameleon. But before he can go inside, Fox arrives there and she meets Po and apologizes to him but Po does not believe her and he starts to leave but Fox assures Po that now she is completely changed, She has improved a lot and so now she wants to help Po in defeating Chameleon, for this Po agrees and he teams up with Fox, after this Po goes inside to meet Chameleon and he tells her

He keeps her entangled in things and actually this is Po’s plan because during this Fox attacks Chameleon with a big iron dome to which Chameleon gets buried under her but seeing this, Chameleon gets very angry and he She transforms her body and this time we see that she transforms by reducing the powers of all the powers she had acquired, due to which her body becomes very big and she is also very dangerous but Po and Fox are still not afraid and they face her but then Chameleon takes exactly the form of Po and she becomes exactly like Po the Panda but

Even after this, Po confronts her but during this fight, Chameleon imprisons Po in a cage but Fox is still outside and hence she tries to free Po but Po tells her that Chameleon is also alone. Fox can fight with Po and for this Po gives him his stick. After this, Fox directly attacks Chameleon with Po’s stick and in that attack he knocks Chameleon down. Here Po also takes himself out of the cage. But seeing this, Fox tells him that when he could have freed himself from the cage, then why did he give me his wand and send me to fight, to which Po tells Fox that he knows that Fox is very powerful and that is why he wanted him to trust himself and recognize his strength and now Fox has learned to trust himself. Meanwhile we see that Chameleon comes secretly to attack him but in reality Po is already prepared. This is why he swings his stick and attacks Chameleon with full force, after which Kamlin falls down and he puts all the power from within her into the stick and only after this he throws his stick. Only after which everyone’s powers come out from his wand and all the masters get their powers back, after which all the masters along with Tai Lung, Lord Shen and General Kai also become the same as before and here

Chameleon becomes as weak as before, only after this they all come in front of Po and then among them, Tai Lung tells Po that he thought that Po was not worthy of becoming a Dragon Warrior but today he has learned that Master Oogway’s decision was absolutely right and he did the right thing by choosing Po as the Dragon Warrior and then after saying this, all the even masters bowed before the Dragon Warrior Po, only after this they all said that he They have to go back to their spirit world and then Po opens the door for them with his wand, after which they all go inside. At the end we see that Tai Lung catches Chameleon, he presses her neck with his hands and takes her inside with him and while leaving he tells Po that she will also go with us, after this everything becomes fine and Po also meets his two dads and Together with Fox, he returns to his valley. After coming here, Po tells Master Shifu that now he has chosen the new Dragon Warrior and that new Dragon Warrior is none other than Fox. Seeing this, Master Shifu is very happy. It seems strange but he tells Po that Po will decide who will become the new Dragon Warrior and hence whoever he has chosen will be absolutely right and then by doing this Master Shifu will also approve the new Dragon Warrior.

Only after this comes the ending of the movie where we see that Jabaaz Paanch has also returned and that is why Po introduces his friend Fox to Jabaaz Paanch and then all of them together get Fox trained. And prepare him to become a dragon warrior and then with this this movie ends, so friends, this was the complete story of Kunfu Panda 4 movie. How did you all like this post? Do tell me in the comments and if so. If you liked our post or liked the story of this movie, then you must write Kunfu Panda or Kunfu Panda 4 in the comments and yes, definitely share this post too.

Do it because as I always get motivation from your likes and comments, so friends, in today’s post, that’s all, I will meet you all in another such great post, till then good bye to all of you.

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